Hi, friends! We are one Siberian family. We have book - its allready translate in English. Enjoy! 

Free download: Book "We are building an ecovillage"


The story of one family’s move from a big city to an ecological village. The book doesn’t offer any recepies or manuals, e.g. there are no algorithms for arranging the site for an eco-village or building a house. But, it contains a lot of answers to questions of great interest of those who consider moving from the city to a villageor an eco-village.  The book describes the author's personal experience, shares his philosophy and offers a sincere description of the subject. It raises issues like children, medical aid, garbage, wintering, comfort, home delivery, food, electricity, mice, loneliness, society, locals, ticks and others.


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Here you can read my trabslated articles from my book.

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